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Audio of Ranger's 10.85 pass, then current record for a stock Corvette on drag radial. Listen here.

2001 Z06 Bone Stock except a Cold-Air Intake & Drag Radials
11.94 116.65

My original report on this pass on December 9, 2001

Yesterday’s planned gathering of C5ers and Z06ers at Cecil County Dragway was rained out. But my racing buddy, Steve Row, called mid-morning today and we quickly decided to head out to Capitol Raceway in Crofton, Maryland. Not a very good track; gotta drive through, not around, the water; but heck I have a new set of BFG 315s on CCW 12"x17" wheels that I thought might bite even at Capitol. I was right.

Here are the best two runs:

60’ 1.8220
330’ 5.0751
660’ 7.7572
1000’ 10.0549
1320’ 12.0116
Trap: 116.0305

60’ 1.8234
330’ 5.0069
660’ 7.7017
1000’ 9.9955
1320’ 11.9476
Trap: not recorded, but it was calculated to be 116.65

Weather was 53 degrees; humidity 47% barometer 30.24 for a
DA of –151 feet
Only engine mod is a Halltech Tric with CF Cobra
Tires were BFG drag radials 315.35.17 @ 18 psi

This was my last day of the season. Great way to finish.