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2002 Z06 Bone Stock except a Cold-Air Intake and Drag Radials
11.55 117.69 Record at the Time

My original report on this pass on November 9, 2002

A group of Z06 racers ran at Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, (Southern) Maryland today in MIR's second to last Test & Tune of the season. The track prep was made superb by more full sun than had been forecasted. But the higher temps (upper 60s) raised the density altitude to the 1000'-1200' range throughout the time I was running.

The track was hooking better than I've ever experienced. I had three runs in the first hour. The 60s were 1.716 (11.71 ET), 1.697 (11.65 ET), and 1.647 (11.55 ET). The shifts on the first two passes were dead-hooking with NO discernible spin. So on the third pass, I decided to go to full-bore powershifts to 2d and 3d, plus the usual powershift to 4th. The great prep rewarded that decision and produced my best ET to date. Here are the splits:

660'............7.419 @ 93.24
1320'........11.556 @ 117.69

Anyway, after the run I took the time slip to the MIR tower for certification. After reviewing their computer records of this and my other runs, an MIR official verified and signed my slip. I'll post the slip, hopefully by tomorrow evening. The run was also witnessed by several Forum members, including "Tracy in Alexandria," "02 Z06 Racer," and "Silver Bullet."

Had the density altitude been less than 200', the car probably would have broken into the 11.4s today. At Cecil County Dragway recently I ran an 11.61 at a DA of 62'. On that run my incremental time from 60' to 1320' was 9.852. Today at a DA of 1000'-1200' that same incremental was slower by about six one-hundredths. So I hope the weather next Sunday at the final T&T produces a very low DA. I'd love to have a shot at being thrown off MIR, an IHRA track on the last day of the season.

It was a good day.