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Audio of Ranger's 10.85 pass, then current record for a stock Corvette on drag radial. Listen here.

2002 Z06 Bone Stock except a Cold-Air Intake and Drag Radials
11.52 120.21 Record

My original report on this pass on November 26, 2004

In 2003 I got just five passes at the drags.

This year I got about 50. It took all of them to get my driving back in decent shape.

Magic ETs seem to happen when a strong launch is had (the right launch rpm and clutch release) and it is then combined with near-perfect shifts just before the limiter. And as anyone who's drag raced a Z06 knows, it's hard to get both parts of the race "just right."

Tonight on my first pass at Capitol Raceway in Crofton, Maryland I came close. A 1.64 60' and a 9.88 for the 60'-1320' segment. 11.52 @ 120.21. I believe this is the fastest pass I've seen on the forums I follow. If it isn't, I sure someone will point me to a thread I've missed.

Launch rpm was 4600. Clutch release was fast. Got some spin on the 1-2 shift and a little less on the 2-3 shift.

Here are the splits:

660'......7.414 @ 95.13
1320'...11.529 @ 120.21

DA at the time of the run was negative 1200 feet. Air temp was 45 degrees (on my TAG) and the track surface temp was 43 degree measured by my infrared laser temperature probe. That was right on the edge of being too cold.

A second and third pass showed that the track surface had gotten too cold (38 degree) to hook well, so I packed it in for the night.

I think the car can run 11.4X when the traction is a little better and in a low positive number density altitude. That assumes a near perfect run.

For the record...the car is an 02 Z06 with 24,500 miles. All stock EXCEPT a Halltech Tric cold-air intake and drag radials. No other changes. No tuning. No other aftermarket parts. Stock shifter. Stock front tires. CAGS still in operation. And this pass, like all of mine, was made in COMPETITIVE DRIVING mode. Car now has about 200 passes. No maintenace issues with the engine, tranny, or rear. The clutch was replaced under warranty after about 125 passes.

Back to the track on Sunday. Hoping for warmer weather and better traction. Best regards to all.

And here is supplementary info:

Lot of fun at Atco today (November 29, 2004). A group of the Vette faithful in fast cars. Good company, good air (DA of negative 950-1100 feet all day), and two open lanes, well prepped but suffering a bit from cold surface temperatures (never higher than 51 degrees).

My four best passes were:

11.53 @ 119.7 on a 1.65 60'
11.55 @ 119.9 on a 1.66 60'
11.57 @ 121.3 on a 1.66 60'
11.58 @ 120.3 on a 1.68 60'