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Audio of Ranger's 10.85 pass, then current record for a stock Corvette on drag radial. Listen here.

2002 Z06 Bone Stock on Stock tires
11.81 117.26

My original report on this pass on November 15, 2003

Hey Guys.

Sorry to say, I got exactly five passes in all of 2003. My business and personal schedules have kept me focused on other things. So I had to make the most of this single opportunity today at Maryland International Raceway in Buds Creek.

For the occasion, decided to remove my Halltech Tric and drag radials, which had been my only departures from factory stock. So to be clear...everything else is as it left the showroom floor. The stock air box with lid and the factory air filter were in place. Timing is stock. Stock Ti exhaust. Stock shifter also and no shift light.

Since my last trip to the track was in December 2002, it took several runs to regain the hang of things, especially to refrain from over-powering the stock tires on launch and the shifts. 12.208, 12.409. Water temp was running 230. So I turned on the high-speed fans using a piece of wire to jump the switch. Water temp came down to 194. Next run 12.106, and then with is better launch, 11.999. Density Altitude (DA) was plus 70 feet. (All readings are from Ernie King's TAG weather station)

Parked for a while to cool it down. Decided to make one more pass. Air temp had risen to 58 degrees. DA was plus 170 feet. Excellent air but well short of "mine shaft" conditions.

With water temp at 194 and Oil at 185, I lowered the launch rpm to 3100 and got the clutch out fast...within the first 4'-6' feet of forward movement. Made softer shifts to 2d and 3d than on the 11.99 run. And powershifted 4th at an indicated 6500, my only powershift of the day.

Here are the results:

660'.......7.669 @ 93.96 mph
11.818 @ 117.26

At my request, tower personnel verified and signed my time slip, which I will post on Monday with access to a scanner at work. Also several of our club racers were present, including Ernie King and Steve Row who saw that pass and will probably join the thread to verify.

Sorry my season was so short this year. But it was a good outcome and didn't have a chance to break anything. I have been missing the sights, sounds, and smells of the drag strip, and, most of all, the camaraderie of my racing buddies.