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Audio of Ranger's 10.85 pass, then current record for a stock Corvette on drag radial. Listen here.

2006 Z06 Bone Stock on Drag Radials
10.74 129.50 Record


My original report on this pass on December 16, 2009

Back in November 2006 after first running 10.85 on drag radials in a bone-stock C6Z06, I opined that 10.7X was possible under the right conditions. Today, I had my first opportunity to run in really good air on my home track, Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek. DA at the time was negative-1300 feet.

My series was
10.85 129.21 1.67
10.87 130.09 1.67
10.81 130.39 1.67
10.74 129.50 1.59

I’ve hosted three rentals this fall and gotten my driving in pretty good shape. That track time, combined with frequent practice sessions of shifting drills and garage launch routines, have helped me internalize techniques that work, at least for me. My 60’ on DRs are now routinely in the 1.6X and stray occasionally to the low end of that range. Today was my first in the 1.5s, perhaps a fitting cap to the racing season.

After the 10.74 on Drs, I made some passes on the stock tires, but the racing surface was getting too cold to support a good launch and 1-2 shift on stock GY F1SC-EMTs

My three best stock tire passes were:

11.10 127.76 1.79
11.12 128.89 1.88
11.14 127.65 1.80
11.18 129.01 1.89

My car is a bone stock 2006 Z06, built in Feb 2006, with 21K miles and more than 200 drag strip passes. Nothing whatsoever has been changed on the car from factory spec. Couple forum members witnessed my passes today and inspected my car. Perhaps they will post-up.

DRs on the car were BFG 315.35.17 on 17"x12" CCWs

There were six other racers with me at MIR today and all set PRs. Good driving in great conditions makes for happy memories. I suspect several of them will be starting threads on their respective boards.

Here is the time slip for this record pass.