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Audio of Ranger's 10.85 pass, then current record for a stock Corvette on drag radial. Listen here.

2006 Z06 Bone Stock on Stock Tires
11.13 127.20 Record at the Time

My original report on this pass on November 25, 2007

Had the good fortune today to hook up with several members of the Corvette faithful for closing day at Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, Maryland. Together with dgdoc, hookedup, proney, chempowr, and Lionel, I made some passes in cool fall air. We enjoyed the camaraderie and exchanged insights from watching each other's passes. And I particularly appreciated the video and engineering skills of my car crew, Beth and Justin.

Last year I predicted that the lower limit of a bone stock C6Z06 on stock tires would probably be 11.15. Today on literally my final pass of the 2007 season, I combined in a single run strong 60’ (1.76) and 330’ (4.80) together with the best 330’-1320’ incremental (6.33) that the good fall air (zero-foot DA, measured track-side using a hand-held weather station) would support. The net was 11.13 127.20. It even included a good reaction-time of .050, something never possible when I had been running a suite of data logging, video, and audio equipment that needed activation after staging.

Here are the details of the record pass:

660’ mph...100.31
1320’ mph..127.20

Traction System Off; one push of the console button. That setting in a C6 allows wheel spin but retains the aggressive form of Active Handling to help the driver regain control if the car gets loose.

Rear psi set to 26 psi; fronts to 40 psi. Both readjusted in the staging lanes right before the pass.

As always, I drove around the water box and backed up to just dampen the rear tires. Pulled forward to the leading edge of the damp area; then heated the rears just to first smoke, at which time I went to clutch-in.

After taking particular care to align the car in the racing groove, I made a shallow stage, just barely tripping (turning on) the second pair of bulbs.

Launch rpm was 3650 with a very fast clutch release and throttle squeeze. Got a touch of wheel spin, followed by some bog. Then nothing but max acceleration.

All shifts were made at an indicated 7000 and included 100% lift of the throttle during clutch-in.

After staying on the throttle to an indicated 130 and crossing the 1320' stripe, I reviewed my mental driver's check list and concluded it had been a very clean pass. That’s an elusive goal in the C6Z.

There may be a few more hundredths it the car; but I may leave them for another driver to find.