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Audio of Ranger's 10.85 pass, then current record for a stock Corvette on drag radial. Listen here.

2009 ZR1 Bone Stock on Drag Radials
10.73 132.06

Here is the video of one of three straight 10.73 passes.

Our report on the ZR1 pass on October 13, 2009

Make no mistake about it. The C6 ZR1 is a monster that has, so far, resoundingly eclipsed at the drag strip its stock Z06 stable-mate, the current Viper, and all similar production cars.

I made only three passes in the ZR1 at Monday’s rental. All three were 10.73. Traps were 132.46, 132.01, 131.95.

For comparison sake I made a couple passes in my stock C6Z on DRs. Two 10.95s. Traps were 126.05 (car not fully warmed up) and 127.85 (warmed up).

So apples to apples, the ZR1 was faster that the Z06 by about three car-lengths and 4.0-4.5 mph. That said, my Z06 driving is dial-in. Not the case in the ZR1.

Keep in mind, a driver must invest time to learn the personality quirks of the ZR1. As racerns points out in post #1, his and my driving remains works-in-progress. So quicker ETs and faster traps by these drivers in this ZR1 remain ahead this fall season as we internalize lessons-learned and leverage improving weather conditions.

Weather at this event was good but inferior to the super weather MIR experiences in fall.

After our ZR1-group’s first visit to the track in April, I reported, "...suspect some owner will get a ZR1 into the 10.60s on DR and the 10.8s on stock tires...."

Racerns has already accomplished the stock tire part. And 10.60s on DRs is a small drop from 10.73 and should come just with minor launch tweaks. Given that, I’ll speculate that this stock ZR1 will likely run low 10.70s on stock tires and high 10.50s on DRs. Stay tuned.

Finally, I want to thank
Z06Jeff once again for the opportunity to drive his ZR1 on the track. Thanks too to racerns for the pleasure of witnessing him hammer out four 10-second stock-tire passes. He’s a natural driver who will continue to make proud the Corvette community far and wide.